Dating games for girls like my candy love

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But anyways, are there any games like My Candy Love? Are you looking for a game that centers on everything you do best, like catching the attention of the hottest guy in school and going out on dates? Based on a Japanese dating game, this semi-scripted, interactive game lets you experience dating in high school, all from the safety of your bedroom!I've tried out (P)lanets, but after an hour of waiting for it to download, it says there's an error and it can't run.

local dating service that are - Dating games for girls like my candy love

This game is an anime style visual novel that is about a young girl who is immersed in her favorite online game.

One of the players discovers her identity, and she begins a quest to discover the player’s identity in 30 days.

Play as Cinderella with a few new additions to the story.

This is a unique Japanese visual novel that is set in a school for disabled children.

I also kinda want to know if there's a solution for this... You download it, but it's 100% worth it: RE: Allistair I love it! Also, if you don't believe that the guy you like is Allistair, then don't say they are Allistair, either. My favorite character is Teddy from Chrono Days, although he is not the majority's favorite ): Above is a Tumblr page that lists a number of otome (Japanese version of dating sims) games that are already translated into English.

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