speed dating oxon - Dating gibson p 90 pickups

by  |  15-Oct-2014 13:58

For years, purists and geeks have tried to figure out a few truths and myths regarding body weights and neck sizes.

But yes, indeed, the beautiful, greasy tone coming from that amp was anything but subtle. The ’53 rang in at an amazing aged and bar-smoke-dried weight of 7.8 pounds – lightest in the bunch.

The neck was almost V’d at the nut from decades of rippin’, the tailpiece basically embedded in the body, and the mojo hard to ignore.

The neck pickup, though, was one woody and monstrously “stratty” beast, all but curling our toes and rollin’ our eyes back in our heads, especially with the Super Reverb; dark and borderline muddy, which is perhaps why it loved pushing around the Super.

For the record, the wraparound didn’t resonate quite as boisterously as they usually do, but all complaints aside, this weathered old soul was the real deal.

Inherent subjectivity allowed, this dogfight would be one for the books.

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