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I had to write the official report while for the NWS-interviewing students who watched their friends and classmates drown in their sleep as the water raced through the campus. , as the historical peak of hurricane season began.

It struggled in its’ path across the Atlantic, often being predicted to strengthen into a Tropical Storm, but not doing so until it reached the Gulf of Mexico.

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The EURO is not only the best overall model in the world, but it has also been the best hurricane model for the past few years.

It has even beaten the NHC models specifically designed for the tropics.

What if we “played down” the threat and the worst happened?

Injuries and even fatalities- I couldn’t have lived with that.

Yes, I’ve lost sleep knowing I’ve contributed to a lot of ruined weekends.

Dating hype

By 1500 all of Western Europe except northern Italy, parts of Germany, and the Papal possessions around Avignon, had expelled their Jews. The country would be divided three times in her history.…
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