Dating in single sex schools

by  |  31-Mar-2014 22:01

Critics believe that some social skills relating to the opposite sex reaches its peak development during teenage and that if teens do not have enough practice, this limit their social skills and their ability to relate later on.

Critics believe that in single-sex schools there is more violence (weak boys or girls become victims very easily) and the difficulty kids have in connecting with the other sex only pushes them to have sex earlier.

The big argument against single-sex schools is that they do not prepare the kids for life.

Today, the single-sex schools are popular among religious populations and even more during high school.

Supporters of single-sex schools believe they help kids concentrate on their academic work and avoid the sexual distractions of adolescence.

Co-ed enthusiasts explain that their environment better reflects the real world and, if done right, can offer a balance.

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