Dating ladybird books

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And some of the books are still in print; I still see them for sale in my local bookshop.The Key Words scheme is based on a recognition of the fact that just 12 words make up one quarter of all the English words we read and write and that 100 words make up a half of those we use in a normal day.Teach children these key words first, and they are well on the way to making some sense of most texts.

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Whereas the Peter and Jane of the 1960s would visit the sweet shop, the 1970s Peter and Jane go to buy apples instead.

This change was considered so important that even Murray's text (so carefully worded and so rarely tampered with) was adapted in the revised books. And suddenly it has become a green-grocer's (who has lost the collar and tie but is resplendant with quiff and impressive sideburns) and the children have transferred their enthusiasm to apples. ) And Daddy was expected to play more of a role in Peter and Jane's affairs.

Or is it that those years, between the mid-sixties and early seventies saw exceptionally dramatic social change for families.

Is this dramatic period of change encapsulated by the 2 versions of the books?

However, in 1970, only 6 years after first publication, Ladybird decided that the books needed some up-dating.

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