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by  |  23-Jun-2014 11:11

There’s been much discussion recently about the hostility women face on the Internet.

Meg, a 26-year-old Calgarian, who uses sites like Ok Cupid, says this tool would be really useful.

Another app, Singled Out, launched in September, features two different interfaces for women and men.

And if women do work there, they are not creating the algorithms or codes, they are getting coffee.” Recognizing that online dating is increasingly posing problems for women has resulted in a flurry of more female-friendly online dating apps in the past few months, all claiming to be the “anti-Tinder.” Wyldfire is one example.

The app was launched in July by two men who say they are trying to “de-creep the dating process.” Men can only join Wyldfire if they have been recommended and invited by a female member.

“It would be great if there was a feature where I could ‘unlock’ further levels of disclosure based on how I’m feeling about a guy,” says Michelle.

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