Dating seth thomas antique clocks

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The higher grade versions of the Model 5 were manufactured and adjusted to meet railroad requirements.The highest grade watch produced by Seth Thomas was the Model 5 marked as 17-jewels and adjusted, with a patent regulator, adjusted to temperature and isochronism, also meet the requirements in place on some railroads during the 1890's.

Larger railroad stations in principle cities often used larger models with more elaborate cases, such as Seth Thomas , height 75 inches with a 12 inch dial and a mercury pendulum.

In 1883-1884 the Seth Thomas Clock Co., Thomaston, CT, built an addition to its existing factory on the corner of Marine Street and Bridge Street in order to manufacture jeweled pocket watches.

Most of the tooling for the watch factory was built using the production facilities of the Seth Thomas clock factory.

The first watch model, offered for sale in 1885, was an 18-size, stem-wind, 11-jewel, 3/4 plate model with a 16,000 beat train.

In 1842, brass movements were introduced, wood movements were phased out in 1845. Thomas incorporated the Seth Thomas Clock Company, in Plymouth Hollow (later to become Thomaston). Aaron became president and began to add new clocks to the company's line. The patterns and machinery for these had been purchased in 1859 from the creditors of bankrupt clockmaker Silas B. About 1862, the firm purchased the patent rights of Wait T.

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