Dating simulation roms

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The plot revolves around being a high school junior and trying to find a date for the prom.At the beginning of the game, the player chooses between being one of two playable characters. The opening scene is in the character's bedroom, where all six members of Mc Kenzie & Co are having a sleepover.The game included a music CD featuring several bands from New Mexico, such as Poet, Cool Notes, Tee Green from the UK, and the Strawberry Zots, whose music video "And You" was also included.

Up until then we'd been making battle simulation games aimed at men and lyric and song ringtone websites, but the reception we got [was so positive] that we gradually started to specialise in dating sims," said a Voltage spokesperson."Dating simulation games came about in Japan during the late 1980s in PC games aimed towards boys and men.

The market has been primarily focused on things aimed towards men for a while now, but with the widespread use of mobile phones, we realised that there was a market for these games aimed at women too."We thought we needed to take a firm hold on providing a new style of dating sim game that working women could easily enjoy, during their rise and emergence in society."Date your "dream partner" Voltage's most successful game, "My Forged Wedding", about a girl who has to pretend to be married to a complete stranger for a month in order to land a job, is currently top in the i Tunes app store's Entertainment category in 46 countries.

Then there's a Metro PD: Close To You, designed to please those cop drama fans, or if you're feeling a bit risqué, you could agree to be sold off in an auction at an illicit casino in Kissed By The Baddest Bidder.

Business model The apps operate on a business model whereby the first chapter of the game is free to download, but the main storyline for each character, which includes 13 episodes and two alternative endings, costs £2.59 ($4.36).

The game was developed with the active involvement of the Albuquerque Independent School District.

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