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“To our knowledge this is the first research to demonstrate a negative effect of male happiness displays on male attractiveness.” – From Happy Guys Finish Last: The Impact of Emotion Expression on Sexual Attraction Is smiling attractive?

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But how do these findings translate into the real-world? If a woman is at, say, a bar she’s there to relax, have fun and maybe meet some cool people.

Are you really better off approaching a woman like a six-year-old who just got yelled at than you are strolling up with a warm smile? So in that context who is she going to be drawn towards?

Yet according to the researchers the reason pride was seen as sexually attractive didn’t have anything to do with the man’s facial expression. He was taking up space with his arms up and chest out.

It wasn’t the fact that he wasn’t smiling that made him attractive. The most robust takeaway from this study isn’t smiling is unattractive and should be avoided by men.

And even if the study did have an answer to that question there’s still the issue of how those findings would translate (or don’t) to real-world situations.

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