Dating someone who is quitting smoking

by  |  03-Jun-2014 06:05

She said after about 3 months she discovered by hold the smoke in her lungs for longer she got a more relaxed "happy" feeling. Now, her daily "routine" on school days involves smoking a cigarette when she first wakes up.

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I told her I smoke because I enjoy to and as long as I enjoyed it, I did not plan to quit.

I found this site when I googled "i love smoking" :-) I'm not native English, so sorry for my mistakes. I love the feeling in my lungs when I inhale smoke, I love how it feels to exhale large amount of smokes, I enjoy the feeling when I'm holding smoke in my lungs before exhaling and so on. when my sister had her two daughters she smoked through both pregnancys, my mom does it, Also my sis smokes around her two kids, I smoke in the house everywhere, in my room, living room, car also public. if you don't like smoking, or smokers, then go join those groups, and ***** about us out there, not here. I get there early to wait just so I have time to smoke a couple of marlboro reds. It is funny to see horrified looks of people when they...

She said she felt a little more relaxed after the second time, so the next day had another cigarette, again not inhaling.

after several days of smoking without inhaling, she put just a small amount of smoke into her mouth and tried to inhale that.

She did not at all enjoy her first cigarette, but after about a week, she tried again.

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