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Psychologists believe our characters are established by the age of six.Now, a fascinating new book explains the factor that exerts the most powerful influence on us all is the order in which we’re born.These matches can work well ­­- but only if each partner ­genuinely respects the qualities of the other, and at least one of them expresses his/her desire to lead and dominate somewhere outside the relationship.

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So if your partner’s a middle-born, and you have a tendency to dominate, try to step back at times.

Ask your partner for his/her opinion or encourage him/her to express any concerns.

But I’d go further and say that the happiest choice of partner for most last-borns is a first-born.

One reason is that the eldest in a family is likely to be an organised and caring person.

On the plus side, middle-borns - who are well used to allowing someone else to take charge - will tolerate a last-born’s need to be the centre of attention.

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