Dating two months raf pilots dating

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Today, we are going to operate on a bigger time unit and learn the functions that Microsoft Excel provides for months.In this tutorial, you will learn: Microsoft Excel provides a special MONTH function to extract a month from date, which returns the month number ranging from 1 (January) to 12 (December).

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We can use this knowledge when calculating difference between 2 dates in Power Pivot for excel.

Lets say we have a table with 2 columns: Date1 and Date2.

The MONTH function can be used in all versions of Excel 2013 - 2000 and its syntax is as simple as it can possibly be: also work fine, though problems may occur in more complex scenarios if dates are entered as text.

In practice, instead of specifying a date within the MONTH function, it's more convenient to refer to a cell with a date or supply a date returned by some other function.

For more details about changing the date format, please see Creating a custom date format in Excel.

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