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The movie also contains multiple uses of, but is not limited to: "s--t," "Goddamn it," "my God," "balls," "p---y," "ass," "bitch," "dick," plus insults like "moron" and jargon like "raw-dogging" and "jizzed." We also see the extended middle finger.

Believe it or not, among all the vulgar humor, the movie has a solidly positive message about being true to oneself and valuing people based on their character instead of their looks.

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The movie has some comic violence, such as a chase through an airport with characters slamming into each other.

We also see a hockey puck to the groin, as well as some violence at a hockey game.

This is a highly sex-obsessed movie, with constant references to male and female body parts and lots of sex talk (including references to homosexuality), but hardly any nudity.

In one major scene, a girl sits in a boy's lap and grinds away on him while kissing; he ejaculates prematurely (though nothing sensitive is visible), which is then used as the source for several more jokes.

Other than that, there is some mild scuffling and minor threats.

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