Dream boyfriend dating someone else

by  |  05-Jun-2015 00:05

the feeling that you are the only two people in the world..excitement of FALLING in love.

Last night my dream was that my ex and this girl ( who has a boyfriend & is fake & tried to be my friend) & I know they hooked up were both in it.

I sent her current boyfriend a fb message telling him about her cheating. My ex and her both admitted to having sex more then once, and my ex admitted to cheating on me with her. I had a dream about my ex baby father , getting this other girl he talks to pregant and in the dream we had just broke up and less then a month I found out he was talking to her all along and now she’s pregant .

I had a dream my ex was seeing someone else, they ended up being happy, and still angry at me for the break up.

I ended up getting in a fight with the girl in her car by crushing her face with packages of strawberries and blueberries then ended up blocking me on Facebook and getting serious with her.

The dream shows that you are still hung up on your ex.

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