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But the name servers can wait and write the entire zone to disk only at a designated interval (hourly, usually).BIND 8 name servers then delete the log file, as it's no longer needed.Writing a zone data file takes time, and the name server could conceivably receive tens or hundreds of dynamic updates each second.

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The deferral is intended to deal with a mismatch between a name server's ability to process dynamic updates and its ability to transfer zones: the latter may take significantly longer for large zones.

When the name server does finally increment the zone's serial number, it sends a NOTIFY announcement (described later in this chapter) to tell the zone's slaves that the serial number has changed.

Nearly all ISPs assign addresses to dialup and cable modem customers using DHCP.

To keep up, DNS needed to support the dynamic addition and deletion of records.

Once the primary master has processed the dynamic update and modified the zone, the slaves can get a new copy of it via zone transfers.

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