Error updating view domino

by  |  06-Jan-2015 23:15

error updating view domino-47

Could also be that a Shared Field on the form has been removed from the database or has been renamed. Delete Document” will throw this error if the view that is specified does not exist. Try using a view you know exists or using “/$Default View/”.

Your @DBLookup may have failed as the entry you looked for is not in the first sorted column of the view.

How many times have you read an error message from the Domino server that you thought meant one thing only to find the cause was something else altogether? Obviously somethings not where it was expected to be , but what & how do you fix it.

Eventually I found that the most likely cause of the above error is an element on a form that doesn’t have a corresponding Notes field of the same name.

This tutorial outlines the top 10 issues associated with developing and deploying Lotus Notes Domino Web site applications and explains how to proactively circumvent potential problems.

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