Firefox bookmarks not updating Privatchat sex cam

by  |  27-Nov-2015 21:59

Note this might help with bookmarks, extensions, history or anything else you're having problems with.This article is also available as a Tech Republic Screenshot Gallery.

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I found Xmarks worked fine with just Firefox in the recipe, but unfortunately once I added Chrome into the mix I found a seemingly never-ending parade of duplicate bookmarks piling up on all my systems.

Figure A shows what I would generally see every time the problem exploded.

(Figure H) Wow, I guess luck really is with me in Vegas! (Figure J) Wait a bit to ensure the changes take effect then restart Chrome.

Access chrome://settings again, then click "Sign in to Chrome" to connect your account once more. (Figure M) Leave the defaults (unless there is a category which you do NOT want to sync) and click "OK." Repeat this process for every system on which you are signed into Chrome.

As a background, I use multiple systems (two desktops at work and home as well as two laptops) and had an add-on called "Xmarks" set up to synchronize my bookmarks (which number about 450 total) among Firefox and Chrome using the respective add-ons for each.

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