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Tip 2 – Don’t date when drunk Nevertheless, few people might have gone on a date after a booze without realizing how risky it is to do so.

You need to stay alert during your date and at times it only takes a drink for that particular edge to disappear. Charm your date with a good sense of humor and not with the lack of alcohol control.

Making your date realize that someone else deserves your attention is just being rude.

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Do relationships fail because people are constantly looking for an "upgrade" from the one they are with? I think some fear there is something wrong with them, so they keep trying to find that defining moment with as many as they just makes it that much more elusive. And we are used to being treated that way ourselves. While I don't think that we're constantly looking to "upgrade" sometimes it feels that way when a relationship ends and the person you used to be with moves on too quickly. But while I think categorization has been made for general areas of disparity like money and sex, the high level of mental anguish in a disfunctional relationship doesn't need the promise of someone or something else.

Or is it more of a statement of people not wanting to be honest with each other and be faithful? I have studied the effects of serial dating and it is disastrous. There are probably quite a few perfectly good matches that slip by just because of the habit of deliberate distance. I think it is more a matter of knowing how to look than who you magically get amazed by. I know I'm starting to feel like I was traded in for a better model. Some people are always looking for the next best thing. It is more of a yearning to get away from the existing problem.

Somehow, if you are running late due to high traffic then ensure you inform your date well in time.

Tip 9 – Don’t cancel at last minute If you have already set the date, make sure you don’t cancel it at the last minute.

Any real relationship takes work and if you are think it's worth the investment, then it doesn't matter how many fish there are - you caught yours!

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