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More adventurous lads pay huge sums for pool parties in private mountain houses (with more Latvian lovelies on hand to cater for their every whim), shooting trips where the young men fire Kalashnikovs, and sailing trips.A notice posted on the internet alerts them to the extortionate price of alcohol in some less than salubrious bars, and tells how some tourists have been assaulted, threatened or forcibly taken to cash machines to withdraw money by local heavies who force them pay a bill of hundreds of pounds for a simple ‘cocktail’.It will be recorded with the help of guest guitarist, but we decided it would be fair to make it. meant everything to Timur and we would like to release that final stuff to represent the talent of Timur.

Alexander Lyubomudrov was the man behind Self-Titled Demo Records, a small DIY label from Moscow that, together with Old Skool Kids (OSK Records) and Insomnia Zine, really helped me to find out about some truly great bands and projects in Eastern Europe and abroad.

The label’s first releases were two Latvian screamo/hardcore bands, the 7″ of When My Authorities Fall and the nicely packaged CD of Vismaz Trīs Vārdi, later followed by John Ball from Czech Republic and the special Eastern European CD edition of Amanda Woodward’s “La Décadence De La Décadence” masterpiece.

They are firefighters from Portsmouth, Hampshire, and are in fine fettle as they celebrate the forthcoming wedding of Graeme Dobson, 36.

Graeme’s best-man, Andy Hunt, 32, says: ‘We chose Riga because everyone is talking about it for stag dos.

We had no idea they had a special police force just watching out for us tourists.

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