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We’ll update you and send you information on how you can participate when we’re ready.

A demo of the current progress using the gantt-module can be viewed and played with here: We are currently working on Gantt charts, including the following features: ​- Tasks (Activities) with task name, start- and end-dates ​- Milestones ​- Dependencies ​- Multiple tasks on a single y-value (X-range study: - Subtasks: Treegrid for grouping tasks (unlimited levels) - Indicator for current date - Indicator for progress per task - Detailed datetime axis: Classic Gantt date axis, e.g.

I also have a few close friends who happen to be fathers and they all seem to share the same harsh idea that gay men do not want the responsibility of another man's kids. Some guys aren't really looking for something long-term.

Others may be interested, but are intimidated by the idea that this is going to be a package deal.

Learning what they want, need, fear and working with them to help them find something that every human being wants … About a week ago I had the opportunity to meet Mark, a 32-year-old nursing student who works third shift for a private car service to make ends meet.

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