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I'm worried that I not many lesbians are gonna like me because I'm black not because their racist or anything but there are a lot of negative stereotypes about black women how we're mean loud and crazy and down right violent . Are lesbians open to dating a black woman or interracial dating in general ? Remember, it is not just finding the right person, it's also being the right person. And to answer your question the lesbians and bisexuals I know personally would never judge someone for the color of their skin, especially when it comes to dating (including myself, and I'm white).

I'm worried that other lesbians of other races will be intimated by me or will not want to date me because of these negative stereotypes and I won't get picked much . Those stereotypes you mentioned are 100% racist and if ANYONE makes you feel that way they aren't worth your time.

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Black men no longer seem to have a problem with this and are usually given the ‘heads up’ greeting by their peer group, especially when the woman on their arm is found to be aesthetically pleasing to the senses.

However, all forms of interracial relationships must confront not only their cultural differences, but be recognized as an essential part of understanding and respecting each other’s diversity.

Some people believe it has a lot to do with famous black lesbians still hiding in the closet, even though it’s well known they’ve been gay for years.

Quite often, due to personal or internal conflicts, it may take years for them to come out publicly, indirectly affecting those lesbian who will never have their presence or impact on society.

Instead, you should expand your horizons and recognize that your options will be far more plentiful when you set aside fears of the unknown and truly began to embrace cultural differences.

Interacial lesbian dating

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