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A proportionate share of investee earnings, after deducting preferred stock dividends declared by the investee, increases the account, a proportionate share of investee losses, and dividends received by the investor decrease it.

See When the purchase price of a company acquired by another company differs from the recorded book value of the underlying net assets of the acquired company, the purchase price must be allocated among the assets acquired as explained in Chapter 10.

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The historical cost is removed from the old category, the current fair value is entered in the new category, and the difference is treated in one of several manners depending on the categories involved in the reclassification.

Exhibit 14-13The classification of investment securities affects the statement of cash flows.

See Joint ventures are accounted for using the equity method. The liabilities of the joint venture offset the assets on the balance sheets of the owner companies which do not have to report them as liabilities of their own, although in effect they have jointly borrowed the money.

Changes in the current market value of trading and available-for-sale debt and equity securities are recorded in a Market Adjustment account.

The classification of a security, reflecting as it does managements intentions regarding the purpose and length of time for which it is to be held, is subject to change.

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