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Anyone else excited to finally watch The Royals, E! Not only will we get to see a fictional royal family and all of their scandals, but we also get to see Chronicles of Narnia actor William Moseley as Prince Liam. Now, if that's where they first met, I'm not sure, but there's a good chance.

That's right, Peter Pevensie is coming to the small screen as a playboy, prince, and heir to the throne. Well, I don't know all there is about the actor, but I do know that Moseley is dating Kelsey Chow, aka Gigi Silveri from One Tree Hill. Also worth noting, One Tree Hill and The Royals were both created by Mark Schwahn, so Chow and Moseley's entertainment connection runs deep. On Twitter, he even called her "the one, the only." Now, I could go on and on about their cuteness, but why not get all nostalgic and bring One Tree Hill into play?

"I nearly blacked out when they called to tell me," he says.

"I was shaking, crying, totally freaked out, because I knew everything was about to change forever." Change it did, with Moseley spending much of the next four years wielding a sword on horseback and filming huge battle-scenes in New Zealand and the Czech Republic.

In the new film, released here next week, Peter’s punch-up follows his struggle to adjust normality after a taste of the high life as King of Narnia.

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