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Dossiers submitted to the Center or central agency have to be translated by a sworn translator and certified.

The family is also responsible for having an interpreter during the meetings in the Center and visits with the child.

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UConn students and game show contestants Warisha, left, Annalise and Julia meet with a producer before several episodes featuring UConn students werre filmed Thursday at the Palace Theater in Waterbury.

(Mary Ellen Fillo)"I think the idea of the game show is just funny," she said, noting that she was a fan of "Baggage," which preceded 'Baggage on the Road.'The show features a 'dater' choosing from three contestants who reveal an escalating series of secrets or emotional or physical baggage as the game progresses.

The training " Closer to a Child" lasts about three months.

Meetings take place in the Center in group consisting of many people.

"But she didn't tell me that Annalise was a contestant."If you are expecting "Jerry Springer Show" shock value, don't.

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