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Carlisle (Peter Facinelli), Esme (Elizabeth Reaser), Alice (Ashley Greene), and fellow “in-law” Jasper Hale (Jackson Rathbone).

Besides Edward, Rosalie's other family members are her companion Emmett (Kellan Lutz), Dr.

Ari (who’s annoyed at Ari because he just can’t come out and say that he doesn’t really want her to come along on this boys’ field trip) and Lloyd (who’s annoyed at Ari because he promised that if Mrs.

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E then gets a call from Anna, and since they aren’t leaving for Cannes just yet, goes on over to see her.

After having read the script, Anna doesn’t get it, and wants E’s honest opinion as to whether she should do or not. But during their toast to celebrate Anna’s new film project, honesty comes into play, and E admits to his crush on Anna, and Anna admits she thought he was cute too.

After all, their favorite movie was Betty Thomas' , Lautner plays the teenage werewolf Jacob Black, the centenarian vampire Edward Cullen's rival for the heart and body of the teenage human Bella Swan a.k.a. Other winners in the Kids' Choice Awards' various categories ranged from Selena Gomez and Jay-Z to Michelle Obama and the Black Eyed Peas.

Taylor Lautner photos: Larry Busacca / KCA2010 / Getty Images for the Kids' Choice Awards.

Except for Annie (Margarita Levieva), the one person who must get closer to Nick in order to save him from beyond his worst nightmare.

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