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"We went through a bit of kayaking technique together, but then I accidentally jabbed her with it. It went downhill from there." There is a serious side to a passionate paddler's furtive fumble for the viewing public, and it's one BBC Radio 5 live will explore in this week's London Calling programme: how do Olympic sports and their athletes choose to present themselves in the face of unprecedented media attention?

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After Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross left an offensive message on the actor’s answerphone Georgina was exposed as Voluptua, a leather-clad burlesque dancer with the Satanic Sluts, whose past involved drugs and X-rated television.

However she has now formed a pop band and hopes to heal the wounds.

I thought Dating in the Dark would be a great way to have a laugh and promote canoeing - and maybe I'd get a girlfriend as well.

"I did have to tick a few boxes and speak to people before I went along.

There could be a fine line: 'Is this good publicity or a noose to hang myself with?

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