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MFC was introduced in 1992 with Microsoft's C/C 7.0 compiler for use with 16-bit versions of Windows as an extremely thin object-oriented C wrapper for the Windows API.

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Many of those functions share their names with corresponding API functions.

One interesting quirk of MFC is the use of "Afx" as the prefix for many functions, macros and the standard precompiled header name "stdafx.h".

The developer may mix graphical and programmatic ribbon development as is convenient.

The MFC application wizard has also been upgraded to support the new features – including a check-box to select whether the application will use the ribbon or the Visual Studio 2005 user interface elements.

See Visibility for more information on the meanings of In case this saves anyone any time, I spent ages working out why the following didn't work:class My Class$bar = new My Class();giving "Fatal error: Cannot access empty property in ...test_on line 8"The subtle change of removing the $ before accesses of $foo fixes this:class My Class$bar = new My Class(); I guess because it's treating $foo like a variable in the first example, so trying to call $this- Heredoc IS valid as of PHP 5.3 and this is documented in the manual at Only heredocs containing variables are invalid because then it becomes dynamic. But when doing so, it prefixes the property names/new array keys with certain data depending on the property classification. Protected properties are prefixed with a space-padded '*'.

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