Most intimidating defensive nfl players

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Both Huff and Nitschke had a nose for the football and were difficult to block from their 4-3 formations. And when Nitschke’s team, the Green Bay Packers, beat Huff’s Giants for the 1962 NFL championship, Nitschke was named the game’s Most Valuable Player.Listing one of these great Los Angeles Rams defensive linemen without including the other is impossible.Hendricks fell a little short of Ham — 16 fumble recoveries and 26 ­interceptions. Like Ham, Hendricks was a starter on four Super Bowl–champion teams.

He was the defensive heart of his team and a huge reason why the Seahawks finished 12-4 that season.

Most people, especially in Pittsburgh, remember Joe Greene as “Mean Joe Greene.” He was the heart and soul of the great Pittsburgh Steelers defensive teams of the 1970s.

For 12 consecutive seasons, between 19, Houston was selected to either the AFL All-Star game or the AFC-NFC Pro Bowl.

Without question, Houston was the dominant player at his position in that era.

Dick Butkus stands alone as the game’s best middle linebacker, but Sam Huff and Ray Nitschke stand right behind him in terms of how they tackled running backs from the middle linebacker position.

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