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Joel introduced "Extra" to girlfriend Deborah Dampiere on the opening night of the Metropolitan Opera back in September.

Matt began to write songs in 2013 in "The Unsustainable Tour" with matt trying to write it "spontaneously as possible" in soundchecks and in hotel rooms because he wanted to be "meticulous" to make it sound good and to do it all without a hurry and to slow down the whole process. " Matt said to Billboard after the i Heart Radio gig, that they are going to play in few festivals because they will be recording the seventh album in 2014 he said: "At the moment I’ve got lots of vague ideas, but writing on the road always tends to sound like what you’re touring at that point so I try to wait until we’re away from that. According to Matt, the new album will have more "rock" focusing more in traditional instruments (Guitar, Bass and Drums) An article published by NME on 16th December 2013 suggested that the new album could be ready by early 2015.

It was fun exploring the electronic side of things, and we do on this album, but most of what you hear is the guitar, bass and drums." Judging by recent interviews and reviews of the album, the album is still a very diverse album.

The only difference, opposed to previous albums is that there is a return of more guitars, bass and drums on the album, which took the style of the album back to Absolution and Black Holes & Revalations, with some synth and electronic elements still on it.

The album was mixed in Air Studios in London and in El Dorado Studios in Burbank, California.

According to Matt Bellamy, ‘Drones’ is a conceptual album which explores the journey of a human, from his abandonment and loss of hope, to his indoctrination by the system to be a human drone and eventually defection from his oppressors.

They also posted a video of Matt Bellamy recording on their Instagram.

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