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Admittedly, this particular group of friends is incredibly close-knit and depend on each other’s opinions a bit too much, so vigorous praises or emphatic “no’s” carry much more weight between them than in real-life scenarios.

Making sure that a SO fits comfortably into an already existing group of peers made much more practical sense when that group sat on an orange couch nearly all day every day.

However, it’s pretty damn amusing seeing the six of them split off into the “boys versus girls” grouping as they tried to make sense of the distinction between sex and intimacy.

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Refreshingly, showcases sex as just a natural act in which two consenting adults participate.

Sex doesn’t change the world, doesn’t lock two people into a ‘til-death-do-us-part commitment, and doesn’t require much more than “Yeah, s/he’s cute, I’m interested in his/her sexy bits, let’s get it on.” Considering this was a primetime television show, this is a fabulous piece of normalizing presentation.

Phoebe scoffs at bisexuality in one of the songs she presents to preschool kids in “The One after the Superbowl Part 1,” when she sings: “Sometimes men love women/Sometimes men love men/And then there are bisexuals/But some say they’re just kidding themselves.” Additionally, everyone’s sexuality is completely black and white on the show: Carol is a flat-out lesbian (even though there’s plenty of evidence that she may be bisexual) while it’s absolutely laughable to even consider Ross as gay; and because a simple kiss between two sorority girls is enough to turn one of them gay (look at Winona Ryder’s Melissa Warburton character in “TOW Rachel’s Big Kiss”), the pretext for two men napping together must be an especially manly re-watch of Die Hard.

The show definitely has a “Gay as Punchline” problem, assuming the audience will laugh at Joey’s liking potpourri in “TOW Ross’s Teeth” or at Chandler’s disdainful treatment of his trans father or at any deviance from firm gender performance from each character.

Society as a whole has arguably taken a step back, with wide swaths of virgin vs. Glib statistics of higher percentage of unhappiness and dissatisfaction often accompany reports of the increase in free-for-all sexual activity. “If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends.” Friends form an inevitable hurdle that must be crossed in order to embark on a new relationship.

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