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by  |  27-Dec-2016 19:29

all it says is "updating agenti'm having the same problem.

i left this for around 8 hours, and it was still like that.

BLUE); // Обновить Image View Image View Bitmap(widget_image_view, my Bitmap); // Обновить Progress Bar Progress Bar(widget_progressbar, 100, 50, false); // Обновить Chronometer Chronometer(widget_chronometer, System Clock.elapsed Realtime(), null, true); Вы также можете показать или скрыть любое Представление, хранящееся в Remote Views, вызвав метод set View Visibility, как показано ниже: View Visibility(widget_text_view, View.

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App Widget Provider упрощает взаимодействие с вашим виджетом, пере- давая объект App Widget Manager и массив идентификаторов соответствую- щих виджетов в виде параметров для обработчика on Update.

Вы можете использовать подход, описанный выше, без необходимо- сти предварительно получать ссылку на App Widget Manager или искать значения идентификаторов для нужных виджетов, как показано в листин- ге 10.7. Использование Remote Views внутри обработчика on Update из App Widget Provider @Override public void on Update(Context context, App Widget Manager app Widget Manager, int[] app Widget Ids) Использование Remote Views для изменения пользовательского интерфейса Класс Remote Views предоставляет различные методы, упрощающие по- лучение доступа к свойствам и методам Представлений, что позволяет из- менять их внешний вид.

everytime before the app even loads it says it stopped working and now i need to close the program..the heck am i supposed to do?

Solution, done this a couple of times now and I believe has been said previously but not in a topic-Ctrl Alt Delete Task Manager Disable or quit out of the program running called - This will restart the ping and you should be good to go! So far I've simply been directed to this page:'ve made sure the system was up-to-date, checked firewall availability, disabled anti-virus, and even checked for the suggested "Agent.exe" and nothing has come up. I deleted the folder, compatability, basic windows theme etc...

Many people ask about branching and I promise some day I'll revisit my "how we do development" article to reflect my personal opinions on simple branch setups for AX7/Dynamics 365 for Operations (we really need a shorter conversational name, but I'll wait for the community to find something good and stick with SEO for now :-) But, skipping the branching discussion for second, if you do use branches, how do you deal with builds? You clone the existing definition, change the repository mapping and change the build task to point to the correct folder's project file!

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