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by  |  19-Jun-2015 02:16

Facebook is going to be adding a ' Dislike' button. Facebook notifications stating that someone has commented on your status point to password-stealing login pages.

Facebook ‘padlock‘ security feature is really a ruse by hackers to gain access to your account.

Most of the time this can easily be resolved by purging your site’s cache!

You can view an interactive tutorial, “What should I do if I make changes and they don’t take effect?

For reference, the location of the repo which backs my page is others, also check the dates of your posts. I'm at UTC 11 and I'm pretty sure the server is at UTC. A verified email is needed to trigger github pages build.

Thus if I date my posts with my local time, the server thinks they are in the future and won't build them. As mentioned by joao cenoura in the comments below: Hooray! I typo'ed a post name and made it "2016-04-14" instead of "2016-03-14". Also a deploy key cannot be used for this, as it won't trigger a build.

“ within your User Portal, or just use one of the two methods below: The first and most thorough method of clearing your site’s cache is within your Word Press Admin Dashboard. Utilities and scroll to the section labeled “Cache options” to choose “Clear page cache”. Note that it does not clear out the Object Caching layer, or the CDN cache, if you are utilizing either.

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