protestant dating ireland - Outlook inbox always show updating folder

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Once the mailbox is rooted to the [Gmail] folder, and since the Inbox folder lives outside it, unfortunately it is not possible anymore to create or access subfolders directly under the Inbox folder as you would be able to if it wasn’t rooted.

Trying to create a subfolder for the Inbox folder will then result in the following error; Note: This is only required for any folder which should be a direct subfolder of the Inbox folder.

My inbox is flagged with "1" unread message, but this is not the case.

Even when I empty my inbox folder, this bold "1" stays next to my folder, new as it contains a new message. If your email is hosted on exchange or ofice 365 outlooks's in conflict with the Exchange server.

I'm using on my own domain but have a problem with Inbox unread count - on the left side in web application under "Folder" there is "Inbox" highlighted in bold with unread message count 1.

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