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Personally, men under 30 seem extremely immature to me, and many in their 30s do, too, but if this is just about sex, then hell, yes, why not? Many men in their 20's, and 30's are extremely mature. _______________________ Rockville, Md.: As a woman in her mid-thirties who is just getting back onto the dating market I especially hate the c-word because I don't even like younger men. It can't be banished soon enough as far as I'm concerned. _______________________ Somewhat off topic but related: Can we also put to rest the myth that men get more attractive as they age, while women get less so? And this seems to be the experience of most of the single women my age. So how 'bout we drop the term and just let these guys go after whoever they want without worrying that they're putting their potential dates up for some kind of ridicule. _______________________ Chantilly, Va.: According to Apple, "Tiger" is after "Panther", followed by "Leopard" and "Snow Leopard".

Women are vital, sexual beings all their lives, so let's stop making it sound soo tee-hee and titillating when a woman acts in a normal way. Mature enough to, say, make a voluntary decision to sleep with an older woman. _______________________ NASCAR Dads: I remember hearing someone was trying to identify a group as NASCAR dads, but I don't think it really caught on. Monica Hesse: We've noticed that even women dating men of similar ages get branded with the C----- label. _______________________ stud: is an animal term, least I remind you. As far as I can tell, there's absolutely no difference. " Well, then you're just going through Mac operating systems. _______________________ State College, PA: I don't see what the fuss is about. It makes me think of a powerful, graceful, lithe animal. A question: is there a male term for "drama queen"? The term used in reference to a woman and her dating preferences? And I think the male term for drama queen is "drama queen." _______________________ Washington, DC: Recently overheard one-sided cellphone conversation of woman, apparently in her late 30's: "No, no, a cougar is in her 40's. Monica Hesse: Knowing more about zoology would really help me assess the validity of these terms.

Not, you know, get scared into it by her sharp claws and such. Amy Argetsinger relates an anecdote of a male friend of hers calling Dara Torres a C-----. For every Cary Grant or Robert Redford out there, there are 50 Val Kilmers -- totally hot when they were 25, but big puffy messes thirty years later. : the term sex kitten has been around for decades, so there is plenty of precedent for refering to women with feline names. Jaguar was in there somewhere, then Tiger, Leopard, and Snow Leopard. Panther is also confusing because it was used by the Black Panthers, and then by the Grey Panthers (senior citizen activists). And now he can be armed with the knowledge and use it for good, not evil. I've been trying to come up with one, but haven't managed it. _______________________ Alexandria, Va.: I am a 42-year-old psychology professor.

_______________________ Younger women lecturing older women on these sorts of issues is far more annoying then the reverse: Yes, that is what is making me so sick. Young women get grossed out by older women, making jokes about "mom jeans," etc. You'll all be old mom-jeans wearing cougars some day and then it won't be so funny after all. Ellen Mc Carthy: I believe Jessica Lange's appearance at the Emmy Awards buried that myth for good. Monica Hesse: We would stop sex kitten if we could (mostly, we're offended on behalf of underage cats everywhere), but that term might be too deep in the lexicon to reverse. So we may be heading toward bobcats, or maybe cheetahs. _______________________ raleigh, nc: "But why is it creepy? My students had to define the term "older adult" on a test yesterday and half of them said "age 40 ." I feel even older now. _______________________ when I was a young feminist: we valued older women and wanted to learn from their wisdom--it was the point of feminism.

Older men dating younger women and taking "trophy wives" -- trading in the 50-year-old wife for two 25-year-olds -- I believe it was called. Monica Hesse: That's one argument -- that older women began dating younger men because the older men they reasonably *would* have been dating were already stepping out with 26-year-old. _______________________ AGREE in Arlington VA: THANK YOU!

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