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OLOC is committed to empowering old Lesbians in the common struggle to: confront ageism within our own and the larger community, explore who we are and name our oppression, analyze our experience of ageism by sharing our individual stories, and make our presence a visible force in the women's movement and in the Lesbian community.

For Lesbian Singles over 50, making friends, socializing, reminiscing, solving the problems of the world, sharing our lives and our thoughts with each other, in an understanding and supportive atmosphere while having fun online Classic Dyke Members is an active online group of womyn affirming womyn age 40 and older.

Members are womyn of all colors, ethnicities, spiritual beliefs, shapes sizes.

The tone of the email list is respectful; topics vary from politics,tohumor to personal updates.

​The event​ honor​s​ Provincetown’s​ ​maritime and literary heritage and an international group of Melville​ enthusiasts World Fest is Provincetown’s annual international cultural festival, created to welcome, support, celebrate, integrate, and enhance the visibility of Provincetown’s international seasonal and year-round student/worker population by providing events for art, music, and other cultural expression.

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