Radiocarbon dating ancient egypt

by  |  25-Nov-2016 20:11

“This is a period during which Egypt goes through a major transition,” says Dee.

It started with small, cattle-owning communities who migrated with the seasons.

“Carbon-14 dating has a margin of error of 100 years.

In order to date Egyptian dynasties, we need to have specific dates; you cannot use carbon dating," Hawass explained to Al-Masry Al-Youm.

During the Predynastic period, progress “becomes faster and faster, so much happens”, he says.

“In the last two centuries, around 3200 BC, it is breathtaking.” Dee hopes that archaeologists will now reappraise the period, to start to understand what triggered such dramatic changes.

However, the results obtained by Ramsey’s team suggested a different chronology for the New Kingdom.

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