Review of dating sites uk

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We also recommend paid dating sites over free as they have the most genuine members whereas with free dating sites where you don't have to provide a credit card to identify yourself are more frequented by scammers. Keep your personal information safe Registering is quick and easy these days and you can even use you're Facebook login details but remember not to provide any personal identifiable information such as your full name, and home address in your profile or to any other members before you meet them.

Be cautious of anyone on the site who seems too good to be true as they probably are and could just be after your money. Meet Safely When you're finally ready to meet up for a date make sure it's in a public place and tell a friend or family member where you are going.

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You can read our minimum criteria for being listed here.

We last updated our traffic rank scores on 24th December 2017 which see's still the most popular UK dating site in our list.

We only compare the most trusted dating sites that have passed our minimum criteria. Last updated on – are provided by and are a good indication of a dating sites popularity.

They are calculated using a combination of average daily visitors and page views to a website from users from the UK over the last 3 months.

Compare our top 10 pick of the best online dating sites in the UK.

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