Romi klinger dating dusty ray Kom l dating

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Chanel is focused on her professional life, which includes event planning for non-profits and working on her own small business, Visionaire House.“In the meantime, I write for The Fab Femme blog as editor for our inspirational column ‘Fab You,'” Chanel said.

Their goods (like button-downs and customizable pocket squares) are made from Japanese and English clothes, but constructed in the U. The couple lives in the Silverlake neighborhood of Los Angeles.

Follow Claire: @clairecampbellmosley Claire was also dating Vivian while on the show, a model who stayed in New York while Claire headed out west.

The two dated throughout Season 2 and ended up being together for two years.

Although they are no longer in touch, Chanel says they both feel it’s for the best and they wish each other success.

I’m grateful for the experience and also glad it’s over.”Follow Romi: @Romimarieray After the show ended, Kelsey continued to try her hand at modeling and acting.

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