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from your screen shots what I am seeing is you chose wpa2-only for your encryption on your router and you are setting your ethernet card to wpa-psk.You need to change the routers encryption to just wpa or wpa-psk.If you're running in this issue, try the following: Check if there are other wifi-capable client devices (laptops, tablets, phones, etc) that CAN see the Cradlepoint's wifi network.

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That said you cannot have wpa set on your card and have wpa-psk set on router.

Write back your results so I know if you got it fixed.

To resolve this issue, disable 802.1X feature on your Windows computer.

Sometimes when the settings of the client device and the router don't exactly match, the client won't see the router's Wi Fi network.

The power supply died, and I decided to transfer the card to another system.

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