Rubber band theory dating

by  |  03-Mar-2017 18:16

The message that he's not interested in anything but an occasional booty call really couldn't be any cleare.

Why are you interested in the pathetic crumbs he's offering you? I can't and wont guess at someone's motivations, especially for a LACK of action, based only on what someone else is worrying about, which is all I have to go on here. He didn't go silent after your last interaction, he called you, and he texted you as well.

If the banter is as per usual, then just proceed how you would want to, ie suggest getting together again soon.

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it's not personal or a reflection on the relationship or how he feels about me FYI: we have been communicating for 6 weeks, seeing each other for a month and approx half a doz dates in that time incl x2 sleep overs, no exclusivity talk (i am still dating and assume he is too but we have not discussed this).

to date he has been attentive and seemingly interested and consistent.

i don't know how this dating thing is supposed to progress when someone is keen vs luke warm vs just taking their time and i'm likely over analysing as it was the first time we had sex and whilst a big deal to me, i acknowledge not such a big deal/emotional investment for a guy.

he did say he was happy to wait if i wanted to put it off longer but i couldn't! lasted a month, 5 dates incl a sleep over before i couldn't wait any longer though!

The only thing you can be sure of right now, is that YOU feel put out.

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