dating site in monaco - Ryan gosling and rachel mcadams dating in real life

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In an interview with VH1 he spoke about the problems between the pair when they filmed the romantic film. In honor of the 10-year anniversary of the film, let's take a look back at the five best musical moments of the film, which are full of '40s pop goodness.

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Райан Гослинг и Рейчел Мак Адамс «От ненависти до любви один шаг» — это про парочку Гослинга и Мак Адамс.

Во время съемок фильма «Дневник памяти» актеры постоянно ссорились, выяснили отношения и скандалили.

Ryan's uncle also shared his experience hanging out with Rachel on Christmas back in 2006. "We got to spend an evening with her, three or four hours.

We sat drinking beers with her until two in the morning, laughing all the time. It was amazing how comfortable we were, just sitting around the kitchen table, talking." Until now, Kevin Gosling admits that they still support Ryan Gosling's ex-girlfriend Rachel Mc Adams even if the actor is now in a serious relationship with Eva Mendes. The Hollywood heartthrob tried to keep a low-key relationship with Eva Mendes which started out rumors that the two are on the verge of breaking up.

It's been more than 12 years since The Notebook made you feel all kinds of emotions, including those about Rachel Mc Adams and Ryan Gosling as a couple.

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