Sedating cat airline travel Masterbation chatroom

by  |  01-Oct-2016 07:25

They also told me: “No, you don’t need any paperwork, just visit the check-in desk to pay for the animal.” I was searching online for any last minute advice, trying to ensure Pistol (my kitty) would have as smooth a flight as possible, and seemed to be talking about vaccination records. “Oh, well, you just need to see if the state you’re flying into requires them,” said the woman who helped me. Mulling this over, I called to Pistol, accidentally waking her from a nap.

I dug out my Humane Society folder which, thankfully, had the certificate of vaccination and a number of other records.

She trotted over to me dutifully, her eyes groggy, her fur still wet from playing in the shower (weirdo). I resolved to just try and keep her up and active the morning of the flight so she’d be tired. Over the preceding weeks, I took Pistol to friends’ apartments via cab and subway, in the carrier, to get her used to the idea.

I considered lining the bag with a pair of black pants; her favorite surface on which to sleep. She didn’t seem to like being in the bag much (who would? On the day of the flight, my fiance cut up one of his t-shirts, making it into a blanket so she’d have something familiar to smell inside.

Sedatives or natural calming agents can help your cat travel a little easier.

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