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The Jacuzzi or hot tub, if there is one, is a good place to get involved in friendly conversations; most folks at swinging events are more than happy to answer questions and talk about their experience of the lifestyle.

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If at some point during the evening you decide to wash up, be careful not to use somebody else's towel or washcloth on your eyes or genitals (this should just be common sense).

Using alcohol to excess is a poor idea, especially if you or your partner are just getting into swinging.

For parties in peoples' homes, it's usually polite to ask if there is anything you can bring (e.g. Arrive on time, and if you are part of a couple be sure you arrive together as a couple.

Even if you're a regular, it's usually polite to make a party reservation rather than just "dropping in", and to cancel your reservation if you can't keep it.

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