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How will the story stack up against the greatest films about business?

So too did a rather different artist, Robbie Williams, whose plans for a mega refurbishment of his £17.5 million home were previously – rancorously – blocked by his neighbour, Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page.

The house was previously owned by the late Michael Winner.

Elvira wore the £900 engagement ring that Mr Dunow had bought her. (Marriage to an American does not give you automatic leave to remain in the U. It just says: “To whom it may concern, Elvira Verbitskaia Dunow hereby declares that I want to waive the waiting period of 90 days in granting of my final divorce decree.” The 57-year-old businessman said he was forced to dial 999 after the petite doctor left him covered in dozens of bleeding welts, inspired by her alleged enjoyment of the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy (pictured)In an advert, The Esplendor clinic claimed to offer ‘all aspects’ of non-surgical cosmetic treatments, as well as offering treatments for everything from ‘sexual issues’ to joint pain, eating disorders and even depression.

Without her longed for Green Card giving her an entitlement to stay in the U. Doubtless his bank balance helped to enhance his allure.

Having visited, I think the bulk of the outlay will be spent on Polyfilla blocking up screwholes from all the self-portraits.

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