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The series started with a frank and uncompromising storyline about an Aboriginal man in a gay relationship navigating parenting, grief, sex, family and responsibility.

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As a queer Indigenous person, I watched the debate around his comment with a lot of discomfort.

Non-indigenous people love to watch Mundine mess up.

Every time I notice something like Mundine’s comment hitting the papers, I bristle in anticipation, waiting for the white commenters to put forward their almost mandated judgements: barbaric, backward, unacceptable, homophobic and so on.

Of course, there are many things about Mundine’s statement – and those that appeared in support – with which I do not agree.

I was told they had gone to get breakfasts but they never came back.“I can only assume they went back to the home and possibly into the same situation.“How are we supposed to do our jobs and help these women trying to escape domestic violence when there is nothing out there to help us?

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