Sims 2 nightlife dating game

by  |  25-Feb-2015 06:52

Nightlife adds the option to add a downtown sub-neighborhood to each proper neighborhood.The pre-made downtown is simply called Downtown, and contains several shops, restaurants, nightclubs and other community lots, as well as home lots.The main weakness of a vampire is that during the day, their needs decay faster than those of normal Sims.

The Seasons expansion pack allows fury to be eliminated by the consumption of strawberry juice. If a Sim builds a strong relationship with a vampire, which they can meet in community lots, they can ask to be bitten and thus, become stricken with Vampirisim.

Vampires have sharp teeth, red eyes, and pale skin, have no reflection in mirrors, and can turn into a bat and fly.

Players may leave one lot to play another without having to go back to the neighborhood mode.

Two new radio stations come with the expansion, Oldies and Classical stations.

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