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The emergence of punk and its intense raw disdain for the status quo in the late 1970s gave birth to a new generation of Skinheads.The exhibition is told through artifacts and ephemeral printed material of the late 70s into the early 80s where two styles were spawned, “Two Tone” and “Oi! The exhibit will be complimenting the launch of the 2nd edition of Toby Mott’s hardcover book similarly titled, Skinhead: An Archive.A London actor has won Robert Redford’s backing for a film based on his experiences as black child who became a skinhead during the Seventies heyday of the racist National Front.

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Gallant had felt hate rage inside him many times before — and used axes, shovels and knives to express it. Today, Gallant is a Prince George-based social worker, helping others make their exit from extremist circles.

And while he may be one of the faces of the new federally-funded campaign, he is also raising concerns about what he sees as the government's over-emphasis on Islamic extremism in the rationale for its new anti-terror legislation, Bill C-51, while largely giving other forms of extremism a pass.

Both say the proposed measures would go beyond current legal limits and risk compromising freedom of speech.

But Gallant goes further, saying a hardline approach could make the problem of extremism worse.

"Why are we so afraid of applying terrorism legislation" to white supremacists, he asks, "when they're clearly engaging in terrorist activity." There was a recent example of that just last month when a potentially deadly plot in Halifax was thwarted on Valentine's Day.

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