Sophos updating greyed out

by  |  08-Mar-2015 14:32

The Sophos Antivirus products for Windows and Mac OS X are comprised of two components: Sophos Antivirus(SAV) and Sophos Auto Update(SAU).

SAV running on any other platform is considered to be unsupported and subject to the policies outlined in the PC Support policy document (ie: billable and lowest possible priority).

Windows 98 users should see the note under the system requirements section.

This guide can be found on the download page of the Computing Services website.

Additionally, the user manual for Sophos Anti Virus is installed with the product and can be viewed via the Help menu item from within the SAV program.

The method for installing and configuring the Auto Update component varies depending on the platform (XP, 9X, Mac) and on whether the system is a ZENworks managed system.

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