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Through connection exercises we offer our members the chance to engage with the other gender in a fun way.There is also an educational piece to our events where we together explore dating, attraction and relationship, and how to make dating more enjoyable.This stigma is largely why Sikh youth in the UK will seek each other out in organized activities.

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Sikhs are diligent in their spirituality and loyalty to God.

The compassion Sikhs demonstrate in their worship is directly related to their love lives.

After completing her BSc in Psychology and Social Anthropology, Anna trained extensively as a Play Therapist for children with autism and then as a Certified Ayurvedic Medicine practitioner.

She's a keen dancer with a love for Lindy Hop, Lambada, Swing and Tango, plus a long standing devotion to 5 rhythms.

Sikh teens are becoming more and more frivolous in terms of dating and romance, but still adhere to the most respected rules of Sikhism if they choose to remain active in their faith.

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