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Vicki gets Tyler to ask her when she refuses to associate herself with Jeremy.Damon tells Elena about the history of the Salvatores after Stefan tries to cut Damon out of his life.

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Matt Davis was later cast as a history teacher in a recurring role to fill the void. In the small Virginia town of Mystic Falls, seventeen year old Elena Gilbert and her younger brother Jeremy can't come to grips with the fact their parents have recently died and are both looked after by their aunt, Jenna.

Elena becomes emotionally withdrawn over hiding her grief, while Jeremy turns to drugs to avoid dealing with his own feelings.

Elsewhere, Damon uses his connection with Caroline to free himself, kill Zach, and later feeds on Vicki.

Stefan explains his and Damon's past with Katherine to Elena.

After Matt's sister Vicki is bitten by something they believe to be an animal, it is discovered that Stefan is a vampire.

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